About Us

Dance Conmigo is a social dance school located in Montreal, Canada. Dance Conmigo is dedicated to creating a warm and fun environment in which to learn. Dance Conmigo specializes in teaching many of today's most popular dances including Argentine Tango, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Cha-cha, Samba, Triple Swing.

 Alain Guillot
Alain grew up surrounded by the Latin rhythms native to his homeland of Colombia, but his love for salsa would only come to fruition many years later when he began teaching Latin dancing for the International Student Association of Concordia in Montreal. What started as a hobby became his full time occupation in 2001 as the demand for his warm and engaging teaching style grew. Today, as co-founder and owner of Montreal’s Dance Conmigo dance school (www.danceconmigo.com), Alain specializes in designing and teaching the studio’s Latin dance and Argentine Tango programs. He has since co-produced the internationally successful “Beginner’s Course in Tango” and “Salsa 1 & 2″ instructional DVDs.

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl is co-founder and owner of the Montreal dance studio Dance Conmigo and has been teaching ballroom and Latin dancing since 1998. Having trained in ballet, jazz-ballet, African and Belly dance, Cheryl fell in love with partner dancing in the early 90s. She has since taught for a world-renowned dance school, consulted on film and music video sets, co-produced instructional dance DVDs, designed and taught a variety of dance programs, and volunteered for the “Inner City Dance Program” which provided dance classes for children of low-income families. Her passion for dancing and teaching dance continues to inspire diversity in her work. Today she enjoys a workday which may include teaching group or private dance classes, preparing couples for their first wedding dance, organizing dance workshops or events, performing in a professional dance troupe – and dreaming up new ideas to expose more people to the joy of dance!

Gary Katch
Gary began his dancing activities in a funk-aerobics class around 1990.  A few years of tap followed before he decided to try a ballroom school to learn "a little rock'n'roll, maybe some chacha", which turned out to be a twelve-year project as a ballroom student.  He has also followed courses in ballet, tango, salsa, and west-coast swing, and has a love for many musical styles. He especially enjoys teaching beginners, to instill a passion movement and music from day one.

Jade Pollack
Jade started dancing at the age of seven when a little pair of tap shoes found her. Classes soon followed under the apprenticeship of a Montreal legend and in this entourage jazz and hip hop became other studied disciplines. After 13 years she ventured into new and different styles such as jive, belly dance and flamenco, until once again another style found Jade; social dance. Since 2005 Jade has been teaching and training in partner dances such as salsa, ballroom and most recently Argentine tango. Her passion for dance, movement and connection give the proper tools to have confidence and creativity on the dance floor and HAVE FUN!

Catherine Vourlessis

I started to dance in May 2008 with classes of west coast swing and a tango ... two dances that I love. I also have tried salsa and flamenco. In the family of swing dances, I  practice regularly balboa and blues. 
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